Sunday, February 8, 2009

first post.

hello welcome to my online portfolio.
if you are interested in my work, or have questions feel free to contact.



Oliver Jones, born October 11, 1977, grew up in Baltimore around a diverse group of friends and family who were stylists, interior designers, and involved in fashion. He attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and studied photography and graphic design. After college, he moved to Tokyo to study the Japanese industry and began doing freelance graphics for Japanese labels. After a year in Tokyo, he started his first independent brand, Bio-Matrix, and started modeling for several Japanese fashion magazines. A couple years later, he started SLYANDROBBY, moved to New York, and continued to do freelance work. Jones has always had the idea of Shop Gentei in the back of his mind, but it wasn't until 2005 that the shop became a reality. Only two years in the running, Shop Gentei has already been named one of America's coolest boutiques, caring an array of urban streetwear, along with exclusive lines from Japan that only the shop carries in the U.S. Along with taking on design work for Calee (a Japanese brand), Jones continues to do more consulting work for Japanese magazines, Nike, Puma, and Red Bull. He was recently commissioned to make custom player shoes for Dallas Cowboys players in a playoff game via Under Armor. His recent design work for Stussy will be available to the public for their upcoming collection.

born oct. 11th 1977
as a child family friends were diverse and most were hair stylists, interior designers, and fashion people.

-1996-1999 attended M.I.C.A and studies photo and graphic design.
-1999 moves to tokyo and starts to study japanese industry, starts to do freelance graphics for japanese lables
-2000 starts first independent brand "bio-matrix" also starts to model for several japanese fashion magazines.
-2002 starts brand "SLYANDROBBY" moves back to new york city, and continues to freelance.
-2003 gets idea for shop gentei, however baltimore is not ready...
-2004- models for taishi nobukuni (tokyo collection)
-2005 shop Gentei is born.
-2006 continues to run shop gentei with with continued success shop gentei is named on of americas coolest 26 shops! takes on calee design work. as well as more consulting work for japanese magazines, and nike, puma, and red bull.
comisioned to make custom player shoes for dallas cowboys player in playoff game via under armor.
-2007 design work chosen by stussy for upcoming collection.

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